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In support of our mission and vision, FTT DAO provides grants and other resources to eligible projects that support the ecosystem, the BFF community, projects and community events.
FTT DAO focuses on work that strengthens its foundations with a particular focus on educational events, community resources and other services for the public. Funding is generally directed towards community contributors rather than end users.


The FTT DAO’s grants program aim is to steward the FTT ecosystem, bridge the current gap to help the world understand, learn and apply their crypto knowledge and encourage a transparent and robust digital asset ecosystem.
FTT DAO awards grants and will deploy resources both financial and non-financial. FTT DAO aims to keep its proceeds flexible and evolving in order to open new ideas and support community builders of all kinds.
Grants are awarded through a community-led evaluation process whilst calls can be arranged to explore a broad range of support and collaboration through an informal conversation.


The scope of our Grants Programs consists of funding and feedback on delivered milestones. This means that the DAO does not provide hands-on support as part of a grant, but if you face specific issues, DAO community members will try to direct you to the correct resources.

Application Guide

Anyone is welcome to apply for a grant. Projects funded through our grants program are broad in scope, but our focus lies on strong community and educational projects or projects that enhance the FTT ecosystem that align with our mission and vision. Grants have a streamlined application and evaluation process that is expected to make a decision within 1 week after submission.

Grant applications might be a good fit if any of the following apply to your project:

  • Community-led events: sponsorship requests for events that focus on education around the FTT ecosystem, effective altruism and crypto.
  • Recruitment: Looking to grow the FTT DAO and BFF community volunteers and core contributors.
  • Experimental: you have an idea that’s a little “out there” but potentially impactful - and the only way to find out is to try it.

Generally, your project will have better chances to be funded by FTT DAO if:

  • It presents a well-thought out idea and expected delivery timeline. You/the team are able to demonstrate that you are passionate about the FTT ecosystem and the FTT DAO mission/vision.
  • Your project will be maintained / continued beyond the initial grant and request.
  • Your application requests for a specific grant amount (in USD) with details on how the funds will be invested/spent.
  • You/the team have relevant experience in the area of your grant request.
  • You can clearly present how your project stands out/is comparable to other competitors and or similar communities.
  • The DAO does not award grants for projects that have been the object of a successful token sale or promotion.
  • As a general rule, teams are asked to finish a grant before applying for another one.
  • Lastly, the FTT DAO does not fund projects that actively encourage gambling, illicit trade, money laundering or criminal activities in general.
Want to get feedback on your idea or invite others to help? Post it on the FTT DAO Community Form under Grants
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