Who are BFFs?
Bankman-Fried Friends, Followers and Fans.
(Sam) Bankman-Fried Friends, Follows and Fans.
Which one are you?
Your ideas and work shape the future of FTT DAO.
You are the most active and passionate community builders and advocates who believe in our mission and vision.
BFFs are the ‘human-face’ of the DAO who share ideas, contribute their time and execute on projects that further our mission and vision.

BFFs Role

Your role is a voluntary position which may include (but not limited to):
  • Growing your local community of BFFs
  • Sharing ideas and proposals on how to further our mission and vision.
  • Applying for grants from the FTT DAO treasury to fund your events and ecosystem projects.
  • Hosting online and offline meet-ups, educational events on crypto and digital assets.
  • Share and educate on what is effective-altruism, why is it important.
  • Moderate and create content for social media and communities.
  • Help new users answer questions about FTT and FTX or crypto in general.
  • FTT background, utility and helping unlock more use cases.
  • Maintain and moderate online and offline social networks.

BFFs Benefits

  • Your ideas and proposals will be considered by the FTT DAO and may receive funding. (Funding will be determined via a decentralised governance system, subject to individual review and voted for by the Core Contributors.)
  • Invitation to exclusive invitation to FTT DAO events and meet-ups globally.
  • Invitation to attend FTX events as a guest
  • Receive limited and exclusive FTT DAO swag and merch like hoodies, caps and t-shirts
  • Your feedback and suggestions will be considered at a high priority by FTX
Note: Your application details will be kept confidential and throughout your term as a BFF and will be removed in the event you no longer wish to continue in the role.

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