Become a BFF
BFFs are the pillars of the FTT DAO community - the most active and passionate community builders and advocates who believe in our mission and vision.
BFFs are the ‘human-face’ of the DAO who share ideas, contribute their time and execute on projects that further our mission/vision.
The role:
Your role is an unpaid and voluntary position which may include (but not limited to):
  • Sharing ideas and proposals on how to further our mission and vision.
  • Hosting online and offline meet-ups, educational events on crypto and digital assets.
  • Share and educate on what is effective-altruism, why is it important.
  • FTT background, utility and helping unlock more use cases.
  • Maintain and moderate online and offline social networks.
  • Your ideas and proposals will be considered by the FTT DAO and may receive funding. (Funding will be determined via a decentralised governance system, subject to individual review and voted for by the Core Contributors.)
  • Invitation to exclusive BFF meet-ups and events
  • Receive limited and exclusive FTT DAO swag like hoodies and t-shirts

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