Culture & Values
We share the same values as Sam Bankman-Fried and we’re fans of the FTX mission: doing the most good possible.
It's really important that we align vectors, in other words we are all working together to achieve our mission and vision. Our culture and values are our 'north star' that guide our decision making and how we work. But we need to adhere to our culture and values to accomplish our mission and vision.

🌐 Effective Altruism

We believe Sam Bankman-Fried's vision of effective altruism and giving back to the world.
Effective Altruism is a social movement and philosophy focused on maximizing the good you can do in your career, projects and life.
1% of all net fees on FTX are donated to the world’s most effective charities. The FTX Foundation matches up to $10,000 USD per day per user donation. We love this.
You can impact way more people through how you give back than your everyday life

📚 Education

We want to bridge the current gap to help the world understand, learn and apply their crypto knowledge to do better and do good.
We believe in equitable opportunity to become a trusted resource that empowers people all over the world to understand and adopt FTT by sharing it’s value, utility and information to increase adoption.

🤝 Integrity

Integrity means doing the right thing when nobody's watching.
Crypto at its core is community led, trustless and permissionless. We strive to keep the ecosystem a safe place through public discourse with trust, transparency and communication.
We want to do things the right way to promote consumer and investor protection, a transparent and robust digital asset ecosystem, and preventing financial crimes.
Read about how SBF convinced Chef Nomi of Sushi Swap to give up the private keys.
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🌐 Effective Altruism
📚 Education
🤝 Integrity